Seek ye a temple of Bacchus's cheer, whose refreshment makes some behave cavalier.

Reigning over all, is a beast who breathes fire, whose gaze you must follow for a clue to acquire

Within his line of sight, an animal ye will find, remember its image and keep it in mind.

This Creature has hooves, and dwells in the north, ye now have thine clue, ye had best sally forth.

Four eagles guard this village in both daytime and night, two are of darkness, two others of light.

Find the bird of dark stone sitting farthest to the south. She will tell ye a clue without opening her mouth.

Look at the eagle's eyes, ye must follow her gaze, lest ye be forever lost in this calligraphic maze.

An artifact ye will find with a beast there emblazoned, seek the object that destroys ships, is heavy and brazened.

Search out this object, seek honor from its crest, on its back find the animal who rules all the rest.

The name of this monarch keep ye close to thine heart, for to others this name ye must soon impart.

Journey now to a region that is home to the dead, surrounded by graves all thine fears must ye shed.

Seek ye an angel with a book or a scroll, three letters are inscribed whose virtues you must extol

With the memory of animals and letters you've found, find a village shop that with copper is crowned.

Speak with the proprietor, share clues at thine leisure, the animal king and letters will earn you great treasure.

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