Information on the Minecraft servers run by TimRiker.


  1. Don't mess with other people's stuff except on grief world
  2. Don't crash the server with silly things like giant balls of lava or water
  3. Put signs on what you build, especially if you want allow others to use resources, etc.
  4. Don't mess with the entry builds. This includes /spawn and entry areas in other worlds.
  5. Do mess with other people's stuff on the grief world. That's what the grief world is for.


Join us on Discord at running PaperMC 1.15.2 with these worlds:

The permissions are such that by default players do not have build rights. Use /promote to grant them access, or /demote to remove access. You can /promote or /demote anyone in a group lower than yours. The groups are: was running Spigot 1.12. It's shutdown at present. It had these worlds:

The dynmap plugin is used to generate the dynamic maps.

Servers runs Multiverse and have multiple worlds. Some commands:

The servers use LuckPerms. You will need someone to add you to the guest group to be able to build. Email TimRiker if you have questions.

The old server was available on and was running bukkit 1.7.9 supporting 1.7.10 clients. Thank you to everyone that built interesting things on the server!

The different worlds have separate inventories (PerWorldInventory) so you can't take things in and out of the creative worlds.

WorldEdit is installed and is active in the creative world (/warp creative).

Are people interested in having their own "regions" in the world that won't allow others to enter? I don't know if PermissionsBukkit has a mode where people can manage their own access groups. I'd like to empower people over their own stuff as much as possible. :)

There should be an Ender Chest at the spawn point. This holds a different inventory for each player on each different set of worlds.

Here are links to some of the online documentation for the server and plugins. You can use /version to get the server version and /plugins to see the current list of plugins.

ChestProtection is enabled. Place a sign on the chest or furnace with the text '[Protection]' on the first line. Your playername will be added to the last line. You can add two more players on the second and third line to share a chest. More details on the page. You can add more signs on the same object with more people on them.


There is a snapshot server running on which updates itself nightly. It's running whatever snapshot version Mojang publishes. It restarts nightly. This is a vanilla server. No special permissions or plugins.

Bedrock also runs a bedrock server. There are no permissions plugins, everyone is in survival mode unless opped.

The primary server was running which allowed connecting with a Bedrock client, like the Android, iOS or Windows 10 Minecraft clients. Right now you still need both a Java client account and a Bedrock account to connect. Login with your Bedrock client and the server will ask for your Java credentials. Do not put them in if you don't trust the server admin. They are not logged or stored. This proved unstable and is currently offline.

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